Budgerigars As A Pet

Delightful, endearing characters, budgies are inexpensive, highly adaptable and easy to look after. When acquired young they are easy to tame and can be trained to talk. Budgies are justifiably the most popular cage birds the world over and are ideal pets for both young and old alike.



Native Origins

Budgies are the smallest members of the parrot family. They have an attractive natural chatter, are good mimics and can become talented talkers.

Size up to 7ins (18cm)
A Budgerigar's average life span is 7 – 10 years, although some individuals may live well into their teens.

Are Budgerigars A Good Pet For Children?
Budgerigars and inexpensive to buy and to keep. They tame readily when young and are entertaining and intelligent animals who are ideal for children and grown-ups alike.

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