Fluval U2 Fliter Foam Pad

Product Description
This is a Fluval U2 Underwater Filter Foam Pad (A486) for the Fluval U2 Underwater Aquarium Filter System (A470). This Fluval foam pad filter is used as the Stage 1 mechanical filter media in the Fluval U2 Aquarium Filter System. The Fluval foam pad replacement for the Fluval U2 Underwater Aquarium Filter is made with porous foam to trap large particles, debris, and impurities such as dirt, sediment, dust, sand, rust, hair, limescale, and more. Fluval foam filters reduce the amount of particulate matter in your aquarium to help your aquatic pets thrive better and are especially suited for heavily populated aquariums. The Fluval U2 foam filter replacement should be changed approximately every 2-3 months, though it can be rinsed clean between filter changes to extend filter life.

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