Beta Senior 14kg

Product Description

Beta Senior Complete Dog Food with Chicken and Rice is a nutritious complete dog food which has been specially formulated for the changing needs of senior dogs. Made with 16% less fat than Beta's standard adult dog food, it still contains all the goodness and nutrition including: Bones, Joints and Teeth - contains the right balance of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D to help maintain your dog's strong bones, healthy joints and teeth; Digestion - recipe contains a special combination of natural fibres from chicory and beet pulp containing a source of natural prebiotic, which has been proven to help increase the number of good bacteria in the gut, improve digestive health and help improve stool quality. Rice contributes to make Beta Senior easily digestible; Nutrient Absorption - chewing properly helps prevent bolting of food and encourages healthy digestion by preparing the food for optimal absorption of nutrients. Beta Senior Complete Dog Food with Chicken and Rice has been designed with a unique dual sized kibble mix prolonging your dog's feeding time, promote healthier digestion, reduce bolting and limit tartar and plaque formation.