Product Description
The Blagdon Force-Hybrid is a solid handling/caged water garden pump. It has been designed to be powerful, the emphasis in performance is placed on pumping power when there are flow restrictions such as: metres of hose, filters and the lift to the waterfall(pressure/head). Having that extra power in the pump is vital when these restrictions are placed on the moving water. This ensures that when the water reaches its destination, it is still moving at the rate needed and has not been slowed beyond flow requirements. A completely new asynchronous (single direction) motor uses the highest quality components, providing durability and reliability combined with effciency and economy. Blagdon Force-Hybrid pumps are designed to give fantastic flow at a realistic 2m + lift/head against significant back pressure. The unique switchable hybrid intake system allows either: MULTIPURPOSE CAGE MODE - Complete Cage Intake: Low intake speed and high surface area are ideally suited to general pond use and for minimum maintenance over the winter months or while on holiday. SLUDGE REMOVAL MODE - Pond Floor Intake: High speed pump intake is optimised for filter performance and removal of sludge and up to 8mm solids. Ideal for use duing the summer months. The Force Hybrid 8000 has; - Maximum head height of 4.8m. - Maximum flow 7300lph. - 10m electric cable. - 140w Power consumption. - 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

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