Waterlife Myxazin P 500ml

Product Description

Waterlife Myxazin P is used as a broad spectrum bactericide for Fish Fin Rot, Pond Fish Body Rot, Fish ulcers, wounds, abrasions, sores, raised veins, blood streaks, "redness", Pop Eye, Cloudy Eye and other bacterial infections.

Always check water quality parameters before attempting disease diagnosis. In addition, Myxazin P may be used as a prophylactic treatment (for disease prevention) in order to reduce the risk of disease, when new fish are introduced. Myxazin is also safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria.

Use daily for between 1-5 days, or until symptoms have cleared up. Broad spectrum bactericid. Disease preventative. Safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria.

500ml treat approx. 16300 litres.


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