Supa Activated Filter Carbon 125g

Product Description

Activated filter Carbon from Supa. Suitable for any aquarium.

Contaminated aquarium water can severely affect the health and life expectancy of your fish. Metals, chemicals, dyes etc can all affect water purity and clarity and should be quickly eliminated. The use of activated carbon in the water filter is an effective way to remove these contaminants.

Supa activated filter carbon is ideal for use in many types of freshwater and marine aquarium filters including all external canister filters, box and trickle filters.

Determine the amount of activated carbon required by using at least 1g of carbon per litre of water and remove any dust by rinsing in fresh water. Place the required amount of carbon either in a fine mesh bag, or trap between two layers of filter wool, and place in the filter. It is advisable to replace the carbon every four weeks.


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