Tetra SafeStart 100ml

Product Description

Tetra SafeStart allows you to rapidly stock a new aquarium with fish.

It contains a patented blend of the bacteria responsible for removing harmful ammonia and nitrite from aquarium water. These bacteria are not found in any other product, and work to instantly activate the filter. By removing ammonia and nitrite they create a safe environment for fish, allowing you to enjoy your new aquarium with the minimal amount of maintenance.

SafeStart is the result of years of research into the bacteria responsible for ammonia and nitrite removal in aquarium filters. This has shown that the bacteria traditionally thought to remove ammonia and nitrite, and therefore included in other filter start products, are not responsible for maintaining a healthy aquarium.

By identifying and then culturing those bacteria which truly are involved in ammonia and nitrite removal, SafeStart is able to offer a relaible means of quickly activating new filters. This in turn allows the instant introduction of new fish, and ensures a better environment for them.

When setting up a new aquarium: Set the aquarium up and turn on all equipment. Wait at least 24hrs to ensure that the equipment is working correctly, and to allow the aquarium to reach the correct temperature. Then add 5ml of SafeStart per 6 litres of water.We recommend a stocking level of adult fish equivalent to 1cm per litre. This refers to the eventual size of the fish, not the size when they are added (e.g. 10 Neon Tetras at 1.5cm each are equivalent to approximately 25cm when adult).

Following filter maintenance, water quality problems, or water changes: Add 5ml of SafeStart per 6 litres of water, following any aquarium maintenance.


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